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AfiTaC can provide you with the following services :

  • Tender Advice
  • Negotiation Support
  • Contract & Risk Management
  • Coaching and Training
  • Process Optimisation

Tender Advice

The first step to any well-balanced contract is tendering. This can be in any form:

  • international competitive bidding,
  • participation to a procurement process / RfQ (Request for Quotation),
  • direct negotiation etc.

AfiTaC supports you to analyse the bidding documents, identify and mitigate the risks, propose wording to be included in your proposal.

Negotiation Support

AfiTaC can actively participate in your negotiations. External legal advisers often have an aggressive approach, forcefully defending their client’s interests. Such approach can make your Customers hesitate to do business with you. You will probably also feel that this is a commercially delicate situation. AfiTaC, based on extensive negotiation experience, promotes a more result-oriented approach. Compromises will be found between your needs and your Customer’s interests. Customers value such a non-conflictual approach.

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Contract & Risk Management

You may be in any of the following situations:

  • You have an ongoing contract for which you would like to have an external audit.
  • Your company wants to start managing risks pro-actively.
  • You want to improve your relationship with Customers and move away from conflict, finding balanced compromises etc.
  • You have to propose change orders to your Customers.

In all these situations, AfiTaC can support by auditing your contracts, establishing action plans & mitigation measures, suggesting appropriate communication etc.

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Coaching and Training

Changing, growing and improving is what you want:

  • Your company regularly works, or intends to do so, with international contract standards (FIDIC, World Bank, NEC3 etc).
  • Your teams are expanding, you have new-comers or want to consolidate the team’s knowledge on international business.
  • You want to expose your teams to realistic case studies in preparation of their negotiations or give them a coach to interact with during their negotiations.

AfiTaC can help identify your needs and propose adapted coaching and training courses.

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Process Optimization

You want to be better organized. AfiTaC will engage with you to:

  • establish your current best practices,
  • propose complementary practices where gaps exist based on well-established way’s of working in the industry,
  • transform the above study into (i) standard proposal documents, (ii) a well-organized Risk & Mitigation questionnaire, (iii) action plans, etc.

This will make you faster, better, less risky, more pro-active, more stable. 

An example is TRaCRs a tool to analyse the commercial and contractual provisions in your tenders and contracts. By using it, you will better understand the risks involved in your tender/contract. Please click here or on the image below.