For whom?

  • Junior Contract Managers
  • Project managers / Project Directors
  • Commercial & Sales Professionals
  • Supply Chain / Procurement Professionals
  • Contract Professionals
  • Commercial and Operational Leader

Issue at stake

  • To acquire the full set of skills & tools to become immediately effective as Contract Manager on projects.


  • There is no specific prerequisite before attending this course.
  • Nevertheless, some project experience (national or international) or procurement experience will facilitate learning.


The following objectives will be achieved when completing this training:

  • To become familiar with Contract Management best practices, including in an international environment.
  • To identify and mitigate contractual risks.
  • To structure one’s actions and achieve efficient/performant Contract Management.
  • To adopt the right contractual reflexes at all stages of the contract cycle.
  • To negotiate effectively and transform Contract & Risk Management into results.
  • To manage disputes efficiently when these can’t be resolved through negotiation.

The strong points

  • Competence: The trainers are experienced former directors of major international groups (such as Alstom, General Electric, Besix) active in the project businesses (construction & infrastructure, power & renewables etc.)
  • Flexibility: This training will be adapted considering the needs of the participants (gaps on required skills and competences).
  • Relevance: Directly applicable on day-to-day Contract Management.

Program & Duration

This program will take 8-10 days of actual training to achieve certification. This may be adjusted according to the participants’ identified needs and experience level.


  • Analysis of the business environment of the trainees (e.g. by telephone meetings) to adapt the topics according to their needs.
  • Implementation of reflective phases: self-diagnosis to allow participants to determine their level of competence before and after the training and identify areas for improvement.

Standard Modules

  • Contract Awareness                                                                  2 days
    • Contract formation
    • Operational aspects (time, payment, variations etc).
    • Risk transfer aspects (transfer/ taking-over date, warranty etc).
    • Legal aspects (limit of liability, indemnities etc).
    • Commercial aspects (payment, bonds, tax etc).
  • Contract Management                                                              1 day
    • Contract Management Timeline/Cycle
    • Best practices in each phase
    • Special focus on the Project Start-up Phase
    • Contract Management Tools
  • Contract Negotiation                                                                 2 days
    • Negotiation Process
    • Harvard Principled Negotiation
    • Behaviour, information management and trust
    • Types of Negotiators
    • Getting out of difficult situations
  • Contract Risk Management                                                      1 day
    • Contract Risk Scoring
    • Impact on the Decision-Making Process
    • Impact on the Negotiation Process
    • Impact on Pricing
  • Commercial/Alternative Dispute Resolution                        1 day
    • Party controlled dispute resolution
    • Resolution by an independent third party
  • Case studies – Application to work environment           1-3 day(s)
    • Apply all the learning on either a theoretical or actual project


The following options that may be included according to the identified needs (and if consistent with the duration of the course):

  • Contract Awareness Masterclass
  • In-depth understanding of EPC Contracts
  • Standard Contracts (FIDIC 2017 and/or NEC 4 ECC)
  • Focus on project development/finance
  • Negotiation Masterclass Modules
  • Negotiation across Cultures
  • Negotiation Teams
  • Package Deals


Actual contract management cases relevant to the business environment of the participants.  

Work situations: forum on a web-based platform to exchange Q&As on the subjects acquired during the training.


We will ensure that appropriate conditions are available for participants with disabilities (premises, adaptation of presentation means).


This program can be organized as an intra-company, inter-company, individual or live online training course.

The most cost-optimal formula is the live online training at 4000 EUR per participant for the whole 8-10 days course. Special reductions will be accorded to groups. Groups will be kept deliberately small (max. 10 persons) to stimulate interaction. Individuals can notify their interest to us to be included in the next course.


The certification of Certified Contract Manager will validate the participant’s learning and will acknowledge her/his ability to perform the Contract Manager role in project businesses.

Through online questionnaires and role-playing exercises, the acquired skills will be evaluated.

A file with proof of professional experience & implementation of the learning in relevant project circumstances will be evaluated.

Active participation to the training sessions by sharing experience and by individual/group work will be taken into account for the certification.

A jury will decide based on the above elements and communicate the result to the candidate.

Contact us for more information

– by writing an e-mail to

– by phoning us at +33 6 75 11 09 83

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