Please find below interesting content from third parties that I recommend you to have a look at. It helped me on the subjects of negotiation, risk & project management. So why would it not help you?

  • IACCM Ask The Expert: Using Multi-tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses to Solve Complex Disputes (with Gustavo Scheffer da Silveira and Jan Bouckaert):
  • To select your dispute board members:
  • PMBOK explained by Ricardo Vargas:
  • The importance of Active Listening:
  • Explanation of win-win solutions by looking to the underlying interests:
  • An explanation of the reasons for mirroring, labeling and the use the Late Night FM DJ Voice.
  • An short explanation of Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, fast and slow”. This explanation will help you understand cognitive biases that can play a role in negotiation, risk and contract management. Biases by frequent exposure, loss aversion and cancelling out information to confirm our intuition.
  • A compact and good explanation of Chris Voss’ practical advice in “Never split the difference.
  • Communication… something we can always become better at: