For Contract Managers (and also for Commercial / Project Managers) that did not follow any legal studies it is very useful to become familiar with some important principles of the law of contract:

  • The principles of Offer & Acceptance
  • The need for Consideration in common law
  • Intention to create legal relations
  • Liquidated Damages principles (not penalties, fair and reasonable estimate at the time of making the contract)
  • Potentially unfair contract terms (exclusions and limitations of liability)
  • Implied terms (e.g. Vienna convention/CISG)

We have selected some videos prepared by others that can help you acquire a better understanding. For some of us, video content has the advantage to improve our concentration and memory.

Contract law – General Explanations

Offer and Acceptance


Intention to create legal relations

Applicable Legislation

UCTA (1977) – The Unfair Contract Terms Act

UTCCR – Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations (1999)

CISG – Convention for International Sale of Goods / Vienna Convention

Detailed Cases – Case Law

Contract damages should be limited to those reasonably foreseeable at the time of contracting – Hadley v Baxendale

Advertisement or offer / unilateral contract – Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball co

Third party communication of withdrawal of offer – Dickinson v Dodds

Contracts by conduct – Brogden v Metropolitan Railway Company

Acceptance of an offer – Entores Ltd v Miles Far East Corporation

Limited/reasonable time to accept an offer – Ramsgate Victoria Hotel v Montefiore

Consideration must be sufficient though it need not be adequate – Chappell v Nestlé