At AfiTaC, we provide training on contracts for Project Businesses (Construction & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Energy & Renewable Projects, etc.). These trainings are customized to your needs and cover contract awareness, contract management, negotiation, contract risk scoring and dispute resolution.

How do we set up suitable training for you / your team?

Step 1: We have a conversation with you about your needs.

Step 2: AfiTaC customizes the training and sets up a platform for pre-work (e.g. a self-assessment) and upfront reading.

Step 3: Jan Bouckaert, with 20+ years of expertise on contracts, personally delivers the training either in your offices or by web meeting (as agreed).

Step 4: For one month after the training, the exchange platform will remain operational. This will allow trainees to ask questions, provide feedback and obtain answers about what they have learned in parallel to applying it on the job. You will be getting a customized training by a real expert at a similar price level as standardized courses on the market.

Available training

By clicking on the categories here below you will find some examples of training we have available.

Of course, additional or customized training can be prepared at your request. Enter into contact with us at (or as per the details given in our contact page) and obtain additional information or a quotation.