“Contracts are our passion.”

Business Environment

Companies, whether small or large, wish to do their business based on well-balanced contracts.

AfiTaC’s vision is that commercial & contractual relationships should be based on trust, respect, clarity, balance and should be win-win relationships for the long-term.

Large multinational companies have considerable internal resources: a legal department, tax advisers, insurance experts, a risk management team etc. Sometimes they need support to change their ways of working or to overcome resource shortages.

For small & medium sized companies, too specialized resources would not be properly amortized in view of the size of their business.

AfiTaC’s mission is to provide support to your internal resources : expert advice, coaching and training of your teams, tendering support and transformation/establishment of structured processes.

Business Approach

AfiTaC will always work in a compliant way in respect of equality, diversity and confidentiality (click here to see our confidentiality agreement: Confidentiality Agreement).

AfiTaC will support you with tenders and contracts in the following languages: English, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

AfiTaC has a passion to work on contracts:

  • in different project business environments: construction, civil works, infrastructure, power plants, hydro, water treatment, renewable energy etc.
  • for functions covering: project management, subcontractor management, claim/VO management, tendering, sales, business development, risk management and contract management
  • with a wide range of contract types : World Bank, FIDIC (87, 95, 99, 17 silver/yellow/red), NEC3/4, EDF, bespoke IPP contracts etc

Profiles / CV

20+ years of worldwide experience in project direction & sales of complex construction, renewable energy, power and infrastructure projects. Specialized in negotiation, contract management, risk management, dispute resolution and change management (process optimization and transformation), leadership and strategy.

See the personal (Jan Bouckaert) and company profiles on LinkedIn by clicking on the words are images below.

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