Are you ready for a relaxed but critical self-assessment of your competences as Commercial or Contract Manager? This will enable you to identify your development areas for the near future.

For this commercial & contract self-assessment, 10 subjects have been carefully selected enabling you to perform the assessment in 2 minutes. It is targeted to Project, Contract and Tender Managers mainly active in construction, infrastructure, oil & gas and renewable energy projects. Of course, if you are slightly out of this focus group, you can still give it a try.

To keep it short, we had to leave out other important subjects like indemnity, termination, force majeure etc. By no means the questionnaire has the intention to cover all required knowledge. It is only a representative sample to establish the depth of your knowledge.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be communicated by us to anybody other than to the e-mail you may indicate, but it’s not mandatory, to receive the assessment report. Without e-mail address, you can still click on “submit” and get the result.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. You can also connect to our LinkedIn page.

For further learning, you can read AfiTaC’s blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Water Supply & Sanitation, etc). Its objective is to stimulate reflection, learning, convergence to balanced contracts and positive dispute resolution.

Welcome to your Commercial and Contract self-assessment

Please select the most representative answer for you on each question. Only take an answer further down the list if all of the preceding answers are also true (except the first answer, of course).

1. Are you familiar with the following types of Customers?

2. Are you familiar with any of the following types of Contracts?

3. Risk allocation between Contractors and Employers

4. Delay and performance liquidated damages

5. Limitations of liability

6. Warranty

7. Bank guarantees

8. Currency risk protection

9. Fiscal Risk

10. Insurance

Thanks for completing your self-assessment.