Welcome to  TRaCRs©, the "Tender Risk and Contract Review system" developed by AfiTaC.

You can use it FREE of charge directly on and obtain an output report. The information you provide by answering the 20 questions will be kept confidential.

This tool will help establish the CONTRACT RISK SCORING in a tender or a contract. In case you need support or training, AfiTaC can provide it to you. You can also find some answers to 10 usual questions on the following page: click here.  

AfiTaC can customize TRaCRs© so that it better corresponds to your needs and to the specific risks you want to track. You can contact AfiTaC at

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1. Type of Customer (Employer/Owner)

2. Type of contract

3. Prices are (firm vs escalation)

4. Payment terms are (Terms of Payment, Payment Security)

5. Variation Orders (scope, prior agreement)

6. Bank guarantees (amount, rating clause)

7. Customer bears risk for (Employer's risk/data/FM/Site Risks)

8. Compensation received for (Claims/Extension of Time etc)

9. Subcontractor/Supplier selection freedom

10. Currency risk

11. Fiscal Risk (double taxation, transfer of title, payment of import taxes)

12. Taking-Over / Provisional Acceptance ("deemed taking-over")

13. Delay and Performance LDs (Liquidated Damages)

14. Limit of Liability (exceptions/"carve outs")

15. Special, indirect and consequential damages

16. Contractor's suspension rights

17. Contractor's termination rights

18. Customer's termination rights

19. Contract Law and Dispute Resolution

20. Warranty (period, "evergreen")

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