The other party is unreasonable in negotiation

Within negotiation teams, we often hear the statement that “the other party is unreasonable”. Is this: an unfortunate reality in business negotiations as counterparts often are unreasonable? a statement just-to-let-off-steam while, in the reality, you do understand your counterpart? a good portion of skepticism around the intentions of your counterpart […]

Learning about negotiation with E. Macron

Introduction Can we learn anything about negotiation with E. Macron? It is not easy to get examples of negotiation processes. There are several reasons for this: Commercial negotiations are confidential. Participants will rarely or never share their content with outsiders. I would have loved to have recordings of all the […]

Professional training “Contract Negotiation”

For whom The sales team, working in an international context Project managers Supply Chain / Procurement professionals Contract professionals The commercial and operational management Issue at stake Acquire the fundamentals of international contract negotiation Obtain true contract negotiation skills thanks to this training Prerequisites This training does not require any […]