A Contract Coach is the fastest way to bring your commercial & contractual knowledge to the next level, whatever your position or function:

  • As a CxO/Board Member/Director, you want to make sure you get an objective briefing on a contract or portfolio.
  • As a Team Leader, your goal is to develop the team’s commercial & contractual understanding of tenders & contracts.
  • As a Project Manager, you want to start off your project with deep insight on its T&Cs.
  • As a Contract Manager, you would like to have an external opinion on the contract you are following.
  • As a Risk Manager, you want an external audit of the contract to establish the risk areas and consider mitigation measures.

AfiTaC will analyze your contract documents. A face-to-face meeting or detailed debriefing will create considerable value for you. AfiTaC works based on profound experience and benchmarking.

Contact us on a commercial or contractual matter of your choice and try us out for free.

Our coaching can go from

  • a one day deep dive on all the subjects of your contract; to
  • regular coaching sessions.