One year of AfiTaC’s contract management blog in the Project Businesses (Infra & Construction, Renewable & Power, Special Equipment Projects etc)!

As we have already done after six months, it is time to put ourselves in question. Please contact us to share also your ideas; you can mail to

Let us look a bit at the facts & figures:

Content this Blog on Contracts

We have a clear content for our contract management blog with four subjects on Projects:

  • negotiation,
  • risk management,
  • contract management and
  • alternative dispute resolution.

The more precise and technical the subjects on our blog, the more readers we get. And that is very motivating to write “deep content”. Some examples of the most successful articles (in the long run including through organic searching):

Growth of Contract Management Blog

Growth is good!

  • We are now reaching 1000 google searches a month and this is ever increasing.
  • Users come from more than 170 countries; so, basically the whole world.
  • 20 000 page views in the first year, which – I believe – is good for a specialist blog.


LinkedIn is not what it used to be. Voluntary or involuntary, LinkedIn has spoiled its specialist subject groups; they still exist but with only a fraction of the former interaction. I must admit I also rarely go the groups nowadays. LinkedIn’s vision is to bring everything into the feed.

However, this makes all of us dependent on the algorithm. While before, we went to look for the information at the right place (the dedicated groups), now the information has to find us (in the feed). And the algorithm “feeds you” based on your and other persons likes.

What does that mean? A large number of people I interact with are very reluctant to give any likes to an article. It feels to them as making a strong quality statement. If you don’t “teach the algorithm” what you want in your feed, you will get posts based on other people’s likes and that will be two subjects only:

  • Big multinationals companies showing off (because they have a huge staff to get their likes).
  • Slogans about Leadership issue (because this helps people evacuate their anger about their direct management).

Either you start interacting more with small-bloggers’-content that challenge the status-quo or you will probably soon get bored – if not already the case – by publicity-packaged-in-a-different-way and loose interest… AfiTaC will remain present on LinkedIn but we will definitely put less time and effort in it if the current trend is continuing.

Further development

To get fresh subjects for this Contract Management Blog, we are interacting, more and more, with relevant associations like:

A monthly newsletter has been launched. As you cannot count on LinkedIn anymore to be sure to get our posts in your feed, we strongly recommend you to subscribe to this free newsletter (by writing to or registering on the appropriate location at the right of your screen). It will not overload your mailbox because you will only get once a month a summary of relevant articles (currently organized by theme: EPC, Risk, Negotiation, ADR etc).

As we want to be generous, we will regularly put some Training Material on the website. This is the content that is also sold to big or SME companies. We want to give you a learning opportunity if you don’t have access through an Employer. Cases like when you are preparing for a career shift, unemployed or just generally interested.

Interaction with you

As you probably imagine, maintaining and developing such a specialist blog requires a lot of time, energy and motivation. Therefore, don’t hesitate to interact with us by writing to us (, putting comments below our articles, giving is a “like” on LinkedIn posts if you feel like. It keeps us motivated.

Also, many people I speak to think about it but need a little encouragement to transform this into action: you are welcome to propose relevant content as a guest blogger. I will be happy to exchange with you on this subject. It will improve your visibility and, frankly speaking, there is no better way to develop yourself than to write something you believe/hope will be of interest to others.

Last but not least, thank you for your interest.

Let’s keep this contract management blog going!

About AfiTaC is the blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Water Supply & Sanitation, etc). Its objective is to stimulate reflection, learning, convergence to balanced contracts and positive dispute resolution. You can subscribe to our newsletter by writing to “”. You can also connect to our LinkedIn page. Engagement with the readers is what keeps us going. So, don’t hesitate to exchange with us by commenting here below, liking our publication on LinkedIn and writing to us “”. 

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