Please have a look at the below training on negotiation (50 min), which is provided to you free of charge. No registration required. No publicity. Just to share some learning with you. It is rather a draft version, in particular for the voice recording; but it may still be of interest to you.

This training has the following chapters :

  • Preparation before negotiation
  • Approach during « the first five minutes » of the negotiation
  • Search for win-win solutions
  • Techniques to obtain the best results at the end of the negotiation

It is based on Harvard’s Principled Negotiation techniques and, more specifically, the practical twist made by Chris Voss.

Negotiation in the Project Businesses (Construction & Infrastructure, Power & Renewables, Oil & Gas, Utility projects etc) is a complex matter. The negotiators – like Sales, Commercial and Bid Managers – are often sent to the negotiation table with only an understanding of the “must-have’s” for their company. But they sometimes lack the arguments and only very rarely they received training on how to behave during such negotiations.

Either you accumulate 20 years of experience of Negotiation in the Project Businesses (with some failures on the road) or you get some proper training and coaching!

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