We share with you a column by Chris Voss about “take it or leave it” situations. I believe this is very interesting for the readers of this blog with a knack for negotiation. Almost everybody, I expect.

Chris Voss has written the book “Never split the difference”. This hugely interesting book shows you the negotiation techniques applied by the FBI during hostage negotiations. The “technical” aspects are explained in a narrative way. You can also use them in your Project Business negotiations. The paperback version has cost me about seven euros. It is a pleasure to read, thrilling with those FBI examples. And, of course, an opportunity to improve your negotiation techniques.

Definition of a ‘take it or leave it’ offer

Usually, in the Project Business, Clients/Owners are the ones formulating a “take it or leave it offer”. It is an offer that you may only accept 100%, as it is, without any change. Otherwise, you will have to leave the negotiating table without agreement. The assumption is that the Client will then immediately start negotiating with another possible Contractor. However, whether restarting is a credible option, or not, depends on how far you have come in the negotiations process. Also, to what extent competitors will make the expected concessions?

Link to the article

You can find the article by Chris Voss by clicking here.

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