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1. How often have you used FIDIC standard contracts for international construction contracts?

2.  In these contracts based on FIDIC, how often did the contracts contain major deviations from/substantial amendments to the General Conditions?

3. How many clauses were amended / contained deviations from the standard FIDIC wording through particular conditions? Considering that there are 20 [1999]/21 [2017] clauses in standard FIDIC

4. Which type of deviations/amendments were they?

5. Please provide your top 5 of conditions that were amended: (choose 5 items out of the following list) 

6. The main source of these amendments was:

7. If the deviation/amendment was due to the legal system, which legal system has obliged you to make material modifications?

8. Would you be willing to sign a FIDIC contract with only contract data while keeping all original terms?

9. If you answered "no" on the preceding question, what was the reason?

10. What are the 5 most important issues you look for when analyzing a draft contract ? (choose 5 out of the following list of 10 terms )

Thank you very much for filling out this questionnaire.

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Abdullah Hussain · 12 December 2022 at 17 h 07 min

Please update me on upcoming FIDIC courses.

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