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1. Are you familiar with the following types of Customers?

2. Are you familiar with any of the following types of Contracts?

3. Risk allocation between Contractors and Employers

4. Delay and performance liquidated damages

5. Limitations of liability

6. Warranty

7. Bank guarantees

8. Currency risk protection

9. Fiscal Risk

10. Insurance

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Jan Bouckaert

Jan Bouckaert is a FIDIC Certified Adjudicator (President's list) with 25 years of worldwide experience in negotiation of complex construction, renewable energy, power and infrastructure projects. He is also specialized in contract management, project controls and alternative dispute resolution. During Jan’s career path, he lived in France, Belgium, Egypt, India and Portugal and worked for GE Renewable Energy, Alstom Hydro, Besix/Six Construct. He is a Civil Engineer from the University of Leuven (Belgium) and has an MBA from ISEG (Portugal). He speaks fluently English, French, Portuguese and Dutch. Jan is the founder of AfiTaC, a company giving advice on international tenders and contracts. Be welcome to connect on LinkedIn:


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