Mediator, good to be an expert in the subject matter in dispute or not?

This post contains an interesting reflection on (i) whether it is enough for a mediator to be trained in the skills and techniques of mediation and then mediate any type of dispute or (ii) whether possession of subject matter expertise is of benefit to the parties. The author of the article, Martin Burns, clearly prefers the second option. We let you read this post and make or confirm your own opinion; you can even provide it as commentary below this post.

Mediation in the Construction Industry

This article about mediation in the Construction Industry (applied also to the Middle East) has been kindly made available by Rafat Isweilih to the readers of this blog. Rafat Isweilih BSc. CE, MCIArb, RICS Accredited Mediator, Commercial & Contracts Manager Introduction Whilst the construction industry worldwide is plagued by disputes, construction […]

Blog Dispute Resolution

Best of Blog – Alternative Dispute Resolution

When heading for trouble (i.e. Dispute Resolution proceedings), in this blog you will find some important things to know about alternative dispute resolution (mediation, dispute boards, adjudication, arbitration etc.): About AfiTaC is the blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Water Supply […]

Harvard Negotiation Masterclass, some feedback.

This post gives feedback on the Harvard Negotiation Masterclass by The Program on Negotiation, a consortium project of universities (Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), probably the world’s most vibrant effort for reflection and training on negotiation. This negotiation masterclass clearly shows the importance, for a negotiator, to be conscious about the negotiation process, the situation of the counterpart and your own behavior.