Thoughts on reading of and teaching about contracts to make the best out of confinement:

  • Reading contracts is not always fun.
  • It is difficult to keep your concentration during a contract training session. So much information, so much text on the slides, …

I think the two above statements are very recognizable for all of us!

Legal design is a hot new tendency. Some people are very active: Stefania Passera, Alexandra Sabbe-Ferri, Tessa Manuello

In the same way, I think we should modernize teaching about contracts through a fresh approach on how to present the content:

  • Keep people focused on the speaker & subject by projecting as little text as possible & useful.
  • Avoid having the audience copy the slides by writing down the words.
  • Stimulate visual memory by showing images that illustrate the concepts. Etc.
Teaching about contracts

A lot of research has been done on how to facilitate learning. Easier said than done. For me, clear explanations accompanied by illustrative images are best to absorb information and remember it. In the short video, I am sharing some examples of how we are doing that.

What do you think about modernizing teaching material on contracts?

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THERON · 19 March 2021 at 17 h 59 min

Interesting pedagogic approach, congratulations !
Indeed such images are easier to understand, and the students can come back to them if required. Most legal texts require explanations for the engineers to understand them..

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