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EBRD conference on FIDIC 2017 – Red and Yellow Books

This post describes the event organized by EBRD at its headquarters in London on the 27th of September 2018. The event was about the changes introduced with the new Red and Yellow Books of the 2017 rainbow suite. FIDIC, EBRD’s Clients and Contractors all had the opportunity to express themselves.

Thank you FIDIC for explaining changes introduced with FIDIC Rainbow Suite (ed. 2017)

This article explains the changes from the first (1999) to the second (2017) edition of the Rainbow Suite (Red, Yellow and Silver Books). FIDIC has put good efforts in making their standard contracts more balanced: dispute avoidance, dealing with delicate issues like variations and programme and further introducing project management best practices.

How to establish reliance data in EPC Contracts (like FIDIC Silver Book)?

Having some data on which the Contractor may rely (reliance data) is a good industry practice and in line with the usual contract standards. The difficulty starts when we want to precisely identify the “reliance data”, “baseline data” or whatever word is defined in the contract to introduce the same concept. This article proposes a “black box” approach.

Can you still use FIDIC 1987 in 2019?

More than 30 years have past since the launch of FIDIC 1987, “yellow book”.
In the meanwhile, FIDIC has published newer versions: the well-known 1999 version and a fresh update at the end of 2017.
This article is a reflection on whether it still makes sense to use the 1987 versions.