For whom

  • The sales team, working in an international context
  • Project managers
  • Supply Chain / Procurement professionals
  • Contract professionals
  • The commercial and operational management

Issue at stake

  • Acquire the fundamentals of international contract negotiation
  • Obtain true contract negotiation skills thanks to this training


  • This training does not require any prerequisites.
  • Nevertheless, some commercial (national or international) or project management or procurement experience will facilitate learning.


The following objectives will be achieved when completing this training:

  • Becoming familiar with the negotiation of international contracts.
  • Understanding/establishing the process for negotiating contracts.
  • Learning how to handle difficult negotiation situations.
  • Acquiring the ability to adapt your negotiation style to the cultural context or to the personal behaviour of your counterpart.
  • Knowing the behaviours and arguments for improved negotiation of contracts.
  • Adopting the right reflexes at all stages of a contract negotiation.

The strong points

  • Competence: The trainer is an experienced Commercial Director of major international groups (Alstom, General Electric, Besix), having personally negotiated dozens of major contracts (3 to 300 MEuro per contract).
  • Flexibility: ability to adapt along the way according to the needs of the participants; providing answers to questions beyond the material presented.
  • Relevance: link to the most internationally recognized standard negotiation practices.  
  • Applicability: practical advice for negotiation.


This program is typically 1 to 3 days and will be adjusted according to the identified needs:


  • Analysis of the business environment of the trainees (e.g. by telephone meetings) to adapt the topics according to their needs.
  • Implementation of reflective phases: (anonymous) self-diagnosis to allow participants to determine their level of competence before and after the training and identify areas for improvement.

Standard modules

  • Characteristics/elements of a negotiation
  • Types of negotiators
  • Negotiation process
  • Preparation before negotiation
  • Harvard Principled Negotiation: PIOC (People-Interest-Options-Criteria)
  • Latest developments in negotiation – recognized negotiation guru’s
  • Negotiation maturity of an organization
  • Managing information during negotiation
  • Importance of trust during negotiations
  • Setting-up a negotiation team
  • Behaviour of top negotiators
  • Package deals
  • Getting out of difficult situations
  • Negotiation across cultures


Options that may be included according to the identified needs (and if consistent with the duration of the course):

  1. Contract Risk Scoring – method for assessing contractual risks
  2. Contract Awareness


Actual negotiation cases relevant to the business environment of the participants.  

Work situations: forum for exchange, on a web-based platform, on the subjects acquired during the training during the month following the training.

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