Contract Management & Music, Time Bar struggle for Muse

The stereotype is that Contractors are just claim machines. Time bars play an important role in this. This post and the music of Muse allow us to rethink our ways of working on claims & time bars in a positive atmosphere outside of the day-to-day projects.

Contract Management & Music, Delay LDs for Natalie Imbruglia

Contract Management, in general, and liquidated damages, in particular, are serious subjects. Still, in this post, we manage to think about delay LDs drawing from Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”: genuine pré-estimate, sole remedies, rates & caps etc.

Contract Management: are contracts cast in stone?

Project teams, in general, and Contract Managers, in particular, often speak in a detached way about the contrat: “unfortunately, the contract says the following” as if it came from somewhere and was cast in stone. This posts reflects on the freedom and opportunity to change contracts.

Coaching YOU all the way to the top!

This weekend, my twelve-year-old daughter cycled for the first time all the way to the top of the local “col de l’Arzelier”. Contract negotiations are often comparable to cycling up a “col” in the Alps. This post looks at what coaching can bring in both cases.

Mediator, good to be an expert in the subject matter in dispute or not?

This post contains an interesting reflection on (i) whether it is enough for a mediator to be trained in the skills and techniques of mediation and then mediate any type of dispute or (ii) whether possession of subject matter expertise is of benefit to the parties. The author of the article, Martin Burns, clearly prefers the second option. We let you read this post and make or confirm your own opinion; you can even provide it as commentary below this post.

Construction Contract Splitting, to split or not to split ?

It has become common practice in many jurisdictions for parties to split construction contracts with an international element. The split structure is intended to provide a reduced tax exposure for the contractor and a resulting pricing benefit for the employer. This article gives an interesting overview of potential additional burdens and risks of a tax split.