« Best wishes for 2020 !» … Don’t you have the feeling that most of the wishes you receive are nice but also lacking focus? No help to do something really better in the freshly started year?

For 2020, on your Projects, I wish you to convert more of your Contract & Risk Management efforts into NEGOTIATED RESULTS.

Is that still too vague?

4 steps to be better in 2020

Then let us split it out in 4 concrete steps that you can implement:

Step 1 – Diagnosis: no more tendering for Projects without proper CONTRACT RISK SCORING

Step 2 – Obtain win-win outcomes thanks to better NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUES

Step 3 – Execute your Projects with CONTRACT MANAGEMENT – not just claims, penalties, indemnities – but with good communication, anticipation, solution-oriented notifications and collaboration

Step 4 – Resolve those unavoidable pain points at completion by negotiating a mutually satisfactory agreement or otherwise rely on a Third Party Neutral to resolve you conflict quickly with ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION

With these 4 steps, you can be a «DOER» in 2020 – not just have Contract & Risk Management as sterile processes – and get the negotiated results you deserve. Keep following AfiTaC’s blog to get advice on implementing these 4 steps.

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