Quality training on Contract Management

We are proud to say that AfiTaC has received in November 2020 the prestigious French certification “Qualiopi” after being audited by ICPF on the quality of our training activities.

Quality is not an achievement, it is a continuous road!

This means:

  • we truly consider your needs and objectives when customizing your training
  • using innovative training methods with visual representations and lots of interaction
  • while taking your feedback very seriously with continuous improvement
  • and interacting with, and learning from, the relevant associations (AFCM, IACCM/WC&C, DRBF, CIArb)
  • and also adapting accordingly when you have any constraints or a handicap.

We will continue on this road towards quality training on Contract Management including contract awareness, risk management, negotiation, etc. We hope to welcome you there!

About AfiTaC

AfiTaC.com is the blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Water Supply & Sanitation, etc). Its objective is to stimulate reflection, learning, convergence to balanced contracts and positive dispute resolution. You can subscribe to our newsletter by writing to “newsletter@afitac.com”. You can also connect to our LinkedIn page. Engagement with the readers is what keeps us going. So, don’t hesitate to exchange with us by commenting here below, liking our publication on LinkedIn and writing to us “info@afitac.com”. 

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