We aim to keep all processed personal data within the European Union.

Our website is hosted at o2switch who inform their customers (and the public in general) as follows (translated from French): “We manage the whole infrastructure of the website from the hosting to providing access to the visitors. o2switch is thus one of the only hosts to manage its own datacenter, 100% private and dedicated to its services. Contrary to other providers, we do not rent space in third-party data centres, we are not on the other side of the world. We manage … everything! 100% INDEPENDENT | 100% FRENCH”

We may process personal data outside the EU only when this happens in countries with a suitable level of protection or when the companies that process your data can offer a suitable level of protection, in accordance with the GDPR (for example by applying the Standard Contractual Clauses as determined by the European Commission and / or requiring certificates approved by the European Commission).

By providing us with your personal data, you agree to this arrangement.

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