Thank you all for your interest in our blog!

In the first real month for our blog (after 3 months’ of starting-up), we have obtained the following results:

  • 9 new publications in April in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Dutch)
  • About 1100 different users
  • Visiting 2700 pages
  • From almost 100 countries, mostly concentrated in the “NW-SE band” (Canada to New Zealand): the blue countries in the above map
  • With the biggest audiences from the Netherlands (130), United States (108) and France (91)

The most successful post was “Thank you FIDIC for explaining changes introduced with FIDIC Rainbow Suite (ed. 2017)”, attracting 543 page views and more than 100 “likes” in the FIDIC groups.

Several series of publications covered the following subjects:

  • International standard contracts like FIDIC and World Bank
  • Risk review and Contract Risk Scoring
  • Contract negotiation, techniques and best practices (e.g. win-win)

In April, the series around “Contract Risk Scoring” was particularly popular with the following publications (totalling 481 page views):

The tool TRaCRs – Tender Risk and Contract Review system – was widely accessed (177x) for analysing tenders’ and projects’ commercial & contract conditions based on 20 questions with, as an outcome, the Contract Risk Scoring and a ranking of the tender/project risks per topic.

LinkedIn was the most important external interface. Our LinkedIn company page has steadily grown to 59 followers. A special thanks to these followers for their interest to receive more.

There is still a lot of margin to improve on our Q&A (Questions & Answers) section where only few questions were raised so far. We encourage all of you to also take benefit of this part of our website.

Conclusion: April has brought massive growth for this blog on international Tenders and Contracts. It exists in four languages: In English many similar sources of information exist. Also in French, there are several, our favourite one being In Portuguese and Dutch, we seem to be filling a void, which is an extra motivation to serve these language communities (Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, the Netherlands, Belgium etc).

Please keep reading us! Bookmark us in your browser; follow us on our LinkedIn page or on Twitter; and, if you appreciate an article, please let us know by providing a “like” or a “comment” or “share” it with others.  You may also contact us to become a guest blogger.

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