FIDIC 2017

Certified Adjudicators for FIDIC contracts

The World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks want dispute boards on the projects they finance. This is because they are aware of their value for dispute avoidance and early dispute resolution. Internationally, the most-used standard forms of contract for infrastructure, construction, power projects etc. are FIDIC contracts. FIDIC’s latest editions of the Rainbow […]

Professional training “Contract Awareness”

For whom The sales team, working in an international context Project managers The commercial and operational management Issue at stake Acquire the fundamentals of international contracts Obtain true contract awareness thanks to this training Prerequisites This training does not require any prerequisites. Nevertheless, some commercial (national or international) or project […]

Coaching and Training

Changing, growing and improving is what you want: Your company regularly works, or intends to do so, with international contract standards (FIDIC, World Bank, NEC etc). Your teams are expanding, you have new-comers or want to consolidate the team’s knowledge on international business. You want to expose your teams to […]