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Best of Blog – Alternative Dispute Resolution

When heading for trouble (i.e. Dispute Resolution proceedings), in this blog you will find some important things to know about alternative dispute resolution (mediation, dispute boards, adjudication, arbitration etc.): About AfiTaC is the blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable, Water Supply […]

Mediator, good to be an expert in the subject matter in dispute or not?

This post contains an interesting reflection on (i) whether it is enough for a mediator to be trained in the skills and techniques of mediation and then mediate any type of dispute or (ii) whether possession of subject matter expertise is of benefit to the parties. The author of the article, Martin Burns, clearly prefers the second option. We let you read this post and make or confirm your own opinion; you can even provide it as commentary below this post.

Successful projects in 2022!?!

The title may not be so exciting. Like most year-end’s wishes, hoping for successful projects is a bit foreseeable? But let’s explore a bit. How will we get there? Peaceful and successful projects? First of all, what would be needed for a project to be peaceful and successful? A project […]

FIDIC 2017

Certified Adjudicators for FIDIC contracts

The World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks want dispute boards on the projects they finance. This is because they are aware of their value for dispute avoidance and early dispute resolution. Internationally, the most-used standard forms of contract for infrastructure, construction, power projects etc. are FIDIC contracts. FIDIC’s latest editions of the Rainbow […]