Can you still use FIDIC 1987 in 2019?

More than 30 years have past since the launch of FIDIC 1987, “yellow book”.
In the meanwhile, FIDIC has published newer versions: the well-known 1999 version and a fresh update at the end of 2017.
This article is a reflection on whether it still makes sense to use the 1987 versions.

EPC and the freedom to optimise

For Contractors, working on an EPC Contract represents higher risks.
Contractors have to face all the circumstances that occur during the Project execution, with few exceptions, and still achieve the expected outcome or intended purpose.
The Contractor has greater responsibilities but also the right to optimize the Project.

“EPC or not EPC, that’s the question”

EPC, standing for Engineering – Procurement – Construction, is a widely used term but not always correctly and these three words do not necessarily make us a lot wiser.
The relationship between Employer [or Owner] and Contractor, when an EPC Contract is correctly established, should be in accordance with certain principles listed in this post.

Advice for international Tenders & Contracts

In this blog specific topics are analysed regarding Contract, Commercial and Project Management. Articles will cover terms & conditions, negotiation, standard contracts (like FIDIC, NEC3, World Bank), specific contract types (EPC, Design & Build) etc.