Negative cash flow for construction companies

Even a profitable construction project can cause financial problems if the cash flow is negative. This post analyses some of the causes of negative cash flow – procedural rules, Customer’s approvals, Contractor’s mistakes – and some best practices to improve. AfiTaC will publish further and deeper on this subject so stay tuned!

New ICC Rules of arbitration effective since 1 March 2017

Arbitration is becoming more efficient and transparent and less expensive thanks to recent revisions to the ICC Rules of Arbitration. The ICC Court has introduced rules for expedited arbitration procedures for small claims. Read the article for more information.

ICC Rules of Arbitration

The ICC Rules of Arbitration are the most widely-used institutional arbitral rules in the world, especially in relation to international construction and energy disputes. The 2012 Rules explicitly require both the arbitrators and the parties to “make every effort to conduct the arbitration in an expeditious and cost-effective manner”. Entirely new provisions relate to the emergency arbitrators, case management, and multi-party arbitrations.

Contract Risk Scoring, how can it help you in your decision process?

On the road to achieving your company’s outcomes, some hurdles have to be taken. Contract Risk Scoring tools are there to identify the commercial & contractual hurdles that may stop you from achieving your outcomes. They allow you to take consistent decisions: Go/No Go decisions, mitigation actions, acceptable liability levels, provisions, margin levels etc. Please read this post for more details.

World Bank rules on Abnormally Low Bids – a new era?

The World Bank recognizes that accepting Abnormally Low Bids and Proposals can put the contract in jeopardy: increased overall costs, contract delays or even the collapse of a contract. Consequently, WB has given its guidance. The new methodology described in this post provides Borrowers with a structured approach to address the issue of ALBs.

Contract Risk Scoring, 10 questions answered

Contract Risk Scoring is a hot topic. IACCM is actively promoting it. But, as this subject is quite new for many of us, we’ll all have a couple of questions. Here below we provide the answers to the most asked questions on the topic.