Contract Risk Management for SMEs made easy!

Unless less you are a contract expert with a solid experience and capacity to compare, in your head, against benchmark contracts, you will have a hard time to give a solid opinion on any contract and identify risk areas after a first reading,
This articles proposes a free tool to analyse contracts. For twenty questions, carefully chosen to cover the whole spectrum, the risk level of the answers is positioned on a scale from 0 to 5.
Based on the report that will be provided, you can then set-up a Risk Review board.

Successful projects in 2022!?!

The title may not be so exciting. Like most year-end’s wishes, hoping for successful projects is a bit foreseeable? But let’s explore a bit. How will we get there? Peaceful and successful projects? First of all, what would be needed for a project to be peaceful and successful? A project […]

Cross-disciplinary skills for Contract Management

For whom? Junior Contract Managers Project managers / Project Directors Commercial & Sales Professionals Supply Chain / Procurement Professionals Contract Professionals Commercial and Operational Leader Issue at stake To acquire the full set of skills & tools to become immediately effective as Contract Manager on projects. Prerequisites There is no […]