Contract & Risk Management

You may be in any of the following situations: You have an ongoing contract for which you would like to have an external audit. Your company wants to start managing risks pro-actively. You want to improve your relationship with Customers and move away from conflict, finding balanced compromises etc. You […]

Contract training

Contract training / Negotiation training

At AfiTaC, we provide training on contracts for Project Businesses (Construction & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Energy & Renewable Projects, etc.). These trainings are customized to your needs and cover contract awareness, contract management, negotiation, contract risk scoring and dispute resolution. How do we set up suitable training for you […]

IACCM is promoting tools to score the risk of your contract portfolio

IACCM, the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, is promoting that we would start risk scoring our contract portfolio. With TRaCRs, the Tender Risk and Contract Review system, AfiTaC has developed a free tool for contract scoring. This tool will rate your contract on 20 different subjects. Contract scoring will contribute to your objective to negotiate and execute balanced contracts.