Contract & Risk Management

You may be in any of the following situations: You have an ongoing contract for which you would like to have an external audit. Your company wants to start managing risks pro-actively. You want to improve your relationship with Customers and move away from conflict, finding balanced compromises etc. You […]

Contract training

Contract training / Negotiation training

At AfiTaC, we are specialized to provide you training around contracts for Project Businesses (Construction & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Energy & Renewable Projects, etc.). These trainings are customized to your needs and cover contract awareness, contract management, negotiation, contract risk scoring and dispute resolution. How do we set up […]

IACCM is promoting tools to score the risk of your contract portfolio

IACCM, the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management, is promoting that we would start risk scoring our contract portfolio. With TRaCRs, the Tender Risk and Contract Review system, AfiTaC has developed a free tool for contract scoring. This tool will rate your contract on 20 different subjects. Contract scoring will contribute to your objective to negotiate and execute balanced contracts.