Professional training “Contract Negotiation”

For whom The sales team, working in an international context Project managers Supply Chain / Procurement professionals Contract professionals The commercial and operational management Issue at stake Acquire the fundamentals of international contract negotiation Obtain true contract negotiation skills thanks to this training Prerequisites This training does not require any […]

Contract Negotiation Training

In spite of common belief, negotiation skills are not a natural gift but a result of practice, self-conscientiousness and training. Ideally, you first get a general negotiation training, making you familiar with the general principles and fundamentals. Then, you improve on particular issues for your specific context with masterclass training […]

Best of Blog – Contract Negotiation

At AfiTaC, we believe Contract Management and Risk Management are nothing unless they are accompanied by professional negotiation to achieve results. Our Blog on Contract Negotiation can help you achieve your targets. About AfiTaC is the blog on commercial and contractual subjects for the Project Businesses (Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Power & […]

Contract negotiation – After a long day … 6 essential things to do

No doubt, we would all want to hear that, after a long day of negotiations, the best is to go out, eat some delicious food and have some beers in a bar because you deserved it. Negotiation is a challenge that can be compared to professional sports. It requires anticipation, recuperation, communication and these things take a bit of your precious time. This article provides 6 essential things to do after the formal meetings.