Best of Blog – Tendering

Before you can start managing your contract… In parallel with identifying the contractual risks… You have to do proper tendering to win a contract. Tendering includes all aspects of technical solution/performance, costs, time/planning and commercial management. The latter is about the terms & conditions (limits of liability & exclusions, indemnities, […]

Contract manager: 5 steps to quickly be effective

This interesting article about the role of the contract manager has kindly been made available by Ahmed Mohamed to the readers of this blog. You can also find it on his blog at the following location: Definition of the Contract Manager’s role A contract is like a marriage, a […]

Tender Advice

The first step to any well-balanced contract is tendering. This can be in any form: international competitive bidding, participation to a procurement process / RfQ (Request for Quotation), direct negotiation etc. AfiTaC supports you to analyse the bidding documents, identify and mitigate the risks, propose wording to be included in […]